Frequently Asked Question

Does slow down my PC?

No.The desktop client is designed to only be active when you are not using your computer. This means that it will not do anything while you are gaming, browsing, chatting, ... You can leave the desktop client running, so that once you are truely AFK, it can kick in and earn you AFK Points®.

Earning games seems really easy, what's the catch?

As in any business, we exploit economies of scale. This means: we buy our games in bulk and get large discounts from suppliers. On the other hand, we put a lot of time in optimizing the computational algorithms to maximize the profitability of your hardware. Due to the rising popularity and demand for cryptocurrencies, the demand for computational power is growing steadily. Due to this economic effect, we can turn your idle PC into a valuable contribution to the network: you reap the benefits.

How many AFK Points® do I gain and how fast?

We give you AFK Points® based on donated computation-power and demand. This means earnings can vary slightly from day to day but our store page gives an estimation. Most of the computations happen on the GPU.

1These estimations are based on average values over 30 days from the closed alpha and assume 24h Idle time.

What happens with my computation power?

We mine cryptocurrencies. Your PC is part of a big network. When active, the client assigns small tasks to your computer which have no meaning on their own. This way we can ensure anonymity for both sides.

Does mine Bitcoins?

No, mining Bitcoins on a regular PC is not profitable anymore. Instead we mine other cryptocurrencies.

Why should I use instead of just mining cryptocurrencies on my own?

Mining cryptocurrencies is not a straighforward task and requires a lot of technical expertise. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible and to use economies of scale to maximize profits for everyone. takes our all the trouble of mining cryptocurrencies in order to buy video games. Our tasks include, among many others: selecting which cryptocurrency to mine to maximize profits, setting up a wallet for each coin, selecting and configuring a pool, actively switching between the most efficient mining algorithms, trade cryptocurrencies to more mature coins like Bitcoin on a marketplace at the right time, go through official legitimation in only exchanges to convert Bitcoins to regular money to buy your games. We actively work on all these items resulting in faster earnings for you and allowing us to take a small cut. This way we intend to create a win-win situation for everyone.

Why does the 'days to game' estimation in the store fluctuate?

We calculate the days it takes to earn a game based on the selected GPU and its current profitability. Cryptocurrencies are a volatile market, hence the fluctuations. When you earn AFK points, your points are fixed and they will never fluctuate. The same is true for the prices of the games.

I have been AFK for +1 hr and I don't see my AFK points in the client?

Try unplugging your mouse. We have seen cases where overly sensitive mouse sensors, especially on reflective surfaces, prevent your computer from idling.

I didn't receive any AFK Points®!

We update your AFK Points® balance every minute.

If I recruit a friend, do they get 25% less?

No! If you recruit a friend you get 25% of their earnings as a bonus. You can find instructions on our Recruit-a-Friend program here.

Do I still have to use actively after recruiting friends?

If you recruited an army of AFK cats you earn 25% of their points without doing anything. You won't even have to install the client.

I want a game that is not in the list!

We are open for suggestions. If you really want a game and it is not in the list you can always send us a message. Give us some time and we cannot promise that we can deliver that specific game but we are surely willing to look in to it.

What about electricity cost?

Yes! Don’t forget that leaving on your PC will use electricity. We estimate that by using electricity costs are less than 10% of the value of items you receive in exchange. We provided an example down here if you want to check the math. You might even save a bit on heating costs if your computer is on all the time. 😉

Take for example a Nvidia GTX 1070. Running it for 42 hours earns an estimated 1500 AFK Points. A Nvidia GTX 1070 consumes 150W1, with an average US electricity price of 0.141 USD/kWh2. 42 hours would result in 0,89 USD in electricity cost. Batman: Arkham City GOTY Edition in our store for example in our store with a Steam Retail value of 20 USD at the time of writing3. In conclusion, in this example you pay 0,89/20 = 4,5% of the game’s value back in electricity.

Can I run on multiple PC’s with the same account?

Sure! You can login on as many computers as you want, on the My Account-page you can track the total AFK Points® you earned.

Can I run multiple times on one PC?

Unfortunately, no. If this was possible, we would run a millionmillionmillion clients on our own PCs.

In what format do you provide the games?

Once you have enough points and you ordered a game we will email you a game code. For the majority of the codes we send you a Steam-key.

How long does it take for games to arrive?

Once you ordered your game it can take up to a maximum of 48 hours for your game to arrive in your e-mail inbox.

The key I received is invalid/void/does not work/killed my cat/...

There is unfortunately not much we can do. You can always let us know, but most likely we are unable to give you a new key.

How do I know the client is working?

If you login on the desktop client we automatically test the client and your connection. When the client says 'You are logged in as YOUR_EMAIL' then everything works as it should.

Do I need a powerful machine to earn games?

You can earn games in two ways. One is to use your own PC, a powerful PC with a fast GPU will earn points faster. Another way to use the Recruit-a-Friend program here.

Can damage my computer?

No and yes, here's the 'science'. Only if you are intending to use the same computer for the next 30 years and leave it on 24/7, there might be a risk of depreciation in the long run. If you replace your computer within a normal 10 year lifespan, the risk is minimal to non-existant. If you would like more information, feel free to look into the science further: Cengel, Yunus; Ghajar, Afshin (2015). Heat and Mass Transfer: Fundamentals and Applications McGraw Hill. pp. Chapter 15. ISBN 0073398187.

How much bandwidth does the client use?

The client should consume less than 10MB a day. For a full month this should not be any higher than 300MB, which is the equivalent of one video on YouTube.

Can I help?

Yes! We love all feedback from our community. If you have anything to share, please let us now on

Other questions/comments/concerns?

Feel free to drop us an e-mail on